What to Expect When Adopting


The Animal Adoption Process

Adopting a companion animal is a very exciting prospect! But, it’s also an important decision that must be based on your readiness to love and care for a pet for the rest of its life. Once you and your family decide to adopt an animal from our facility, we invite you to visit with the animals we have. Of course, it’s easy to get swept up by all the adorable furry faces, so please take into consideration your lifestyle and each animal’s temperament when deciding which will be the best fit for you.

Our facility has the capacity to hold approximately 150 dogs/puppies and 75 cats/kittens that could be your next best furry friend. If you can’t find the pet you’re looking for here, you can visit our adoption kiosk at PetSmart 2929 James Sanders Blvd. Paducah, KY. The kiosk has cats available for you to adopt. A friendly and knowledgeable staff member is there to happily assist you.

Getting to Know You

To help you find the perfect match, we arrange a meet and greet area where you, your family and your potential pet can get acquainted. This is the time to observe how you react to each other. Since you’re really choosing a family member, it’s important to make sure the “feels right” feeling is mutual. If you have other pets who will be sharing their home with the new addition, you may want to bring them to visit with the animal you are considering adopting. Please ask our staff how to go about doing this.

The Process

After you choose the animal you’d like to adopt, you will complete the paperwork associated with our screened adoption process. This takes about 30 minutes and is required before any adoptions are finalized. Please read the Adoption Agreement carefully and complete the process only after you thoroughly understand the agreement.

All applicants are screened to ensure their ability to provide a lifelong safe, caring environment for their pets. We do not adopt animals out that will live under any of the following circumstances:

  • Owner refusal to surgically sterilize an adopted cat or dog
  • Dogs that will live in yards without adequate fencing for the breed
  • Dogs that will live chained or transported in open vehicles
  • Decorative breed dogs that will live outside
  • Dogs to be used as guards for businesses
  • Barn cats forced to live outside and expected to survive by their own means

The Society will reclaim any adopted animal discovered living in any of the circumstances described above, or in violation of the terms stated in the Adoption Agreement

Welcome to the Family

After you complete your adoption paperwork and have been approved, your pet may go home with you the same day.

Facilitating successful adoptions is one of our greatest joys and we wish you and your new pet many happy years together.

All adoptions are a donation that is a tax deduction.

Many Thanks to all of our Adopters!

Our pricing for our cats range from $35.00 (barn cats) to $85.00. Variations in price is due to breed, spayed/neutered, and declawed. All cats are vaccinated, groomed, microchipped, and feline leukemia test.

Puppies and dogs range from $25.00 to $300.00. Prices vary by breed and spayed/neutered. All dogs are vaccinated, dewormed, groomed, microchipped, heart worm tested, and given heart worm prevention.

We also have sponsored dogs and cats which means that someone has already paid for the future adoption of these animals.

We have Special “PAWS” for dogs who have been here for a longer length of time. They are $25.00 for a lifelong home. 270-443-5923.

Find Your Pet Here!

     McCracken County Humane Society accepts owner surrenders of healthy animals. All of our animals will have been checked by a veterinarian during their stay. However, it is required in our adoption agreement that every adopter take their newly acquired pet to their veterinarian for a thorough exam at the owner’s expense. So the veterinarian can have your newly adopted pet in their system in case of emergency’s, and so they can get them set up for their preventative care that they will need monthly. If the examination by the veterinarian shows any health or behavior problems, the McCracken County Humane Society will gladly accept the pet back within 14 days of the adoption of the animal. We cannot stress enough the importance of taking your new pet to the veterinarian before exposing them to your other family pets!
The adoption fee is a donation for dogs or cats and varies depending on specific animals, this donation is also tax deductible and is used to fund all of the programs we have here at the humane society.  If you would like to see our available pets click here.  After viewing the available animals, please come down to the shelter and see these adorable animals yourself.  You won’t be sorry!

Petango is a store that provides adopters and supporters access to competitively priced pet food, supplies and pharmacy needs online, while driving a portion of every purchase back to our organization.